Envisioning 2001: Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey – Museum of the Moving Image

“We accelerate the transformation of the visual art experience by delivering unique digital, trusted value”
Our community of artists, museums, collectors and individual fans is the premier marketplace of digital imagery. 
Artists and content partners trust our NFT and uniqueness recognition technology to ensure authentic and secured value for digital transactions. 



Who we are

We are a group of artists and technology professionals who came together to make digital art and content unique, as unique as any analog object.

  Founded by Henning Lohner, an internationally acclaimed artist and Hollywood veteran, Active Image has the artist at heart. His vision for years as been to bring the active – moving image – to the masses, while maintaining the highest quality and exclusive experience.
  Artists, collectors, fans and curators all benefit with the right combination of technology and content delivers to serve this vision. Through international partnerships with leading artists and museums and an exclusive partnership with the world-renowned Fraunhofer Institute, this vision is finally within reach.
>   Our international team is based in Berlin, where it draws on global content partners to scale the business and become the preferred destination for artists and fans everywhere.

What we do

Our content exchange marketplace delivers artists, museums, collectors and content brands a trusted channel to buy, rent and sell unique digital imagery.

>   In the Active Image platform, all stakeholders come together to interact, inform, trade and partner in the context of digital art and digital visual content. The content exchange and marketplace community provide a rich ecosystem. 
>   Artists and partners trust Active Image because our technology ensures authentic and secured value for unique digital assets and a large  marketplace to exchange this value.  


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