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Artist Lohner Carlson

Active Image is a marketplace and platform for digital art, bringing artists, museums, collectors and fans together. Exclusive digital content from global partnerships is secured by NFT and smart contract technology, to ensure provenance and digital rights management.

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Active Image provides a marketplace and community for the world’s leading digital artists, museums, collectors and fans. Buy, sell and subscribe to premier digital imagery from the world’s leading digital artists and collectors. 

The marketplace provides an entirely new and extended audience for content providers. The world’s digital artists and collectors come together to interact and transact.

Artist Lohner Carlson

Unique Digital Imagery secured by NFT and Recognition Technology

Our technology platform provides permanent value to digital assets. With Non-Fungible Token (NFT) smart contract technology, we leverage the blockchain to ensure a fundamental layer of uniqueness. 

Our recognition technology ensures convenient rights management of digital imagery across any device and verifies rights of use. It secures unique digital value with its dimensions of uniqueness technology.  Even deep fakes are uncovered.

Content partners may license the technology for their own unique digitals.

“We accelerate the transformation of the visual art experience by
delivering unique digital, trusted value.”

Artist Lohner Carlson

Artist Lohner Carlson

Artist Lohner Carlson

Artist Lohner Carlson

Artist Lohner Carlson

Latest News

1 October, 2021

World of Water at Stöckelkeller

14 artists, artist collectives, and film studios presented their ideas on “water” from October 1st to 3rd in the Stöckelkeller (Unternschreez near Bayreuth). The images, photos, and videos could be viewed on digital canvases made available by the technology partner Active Image. “H2O The Art of Water” presented a range of works inspired by the liquid: The Walt Disney Archives presents conceptual art and set photography from the films “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and “The Shape of Water.” Works by Joel Redman, who portrays indigenous communities, and Noah Becker, who paints wild graffiti paintings, could also be seen. The video artists Ute Janssen, Sebastian M. Purfürst, and Lohner Carlson (Active Image founder Henning Lohner) were also on board again to redefine the digital medium.

“Henning Lohner and his dedicated team from Active Image are always our first choice when it comes to a hustlefree production for a Stöckelkeller exhibition: with the heart of an artist and the vision of an engineer.”
Christoph Scholz, Stöckelkeller

Photo courtesy of Charles Khosla

21 September, 2021

Backstage With Amy Winehouse

Our Day Will Come: London’s Design Museum is in the middle of preparations for the upcoming exhibition “Amy: Beyond The Stage.” The major retrospective of Amy Winehouse’s life and career will cast the British singer and songwriter as a “music intellectual.” Visitors will discover the story of her early career through her recordings and teenage notebooks to unravel the creative process behind the music and her rich range of influences. From glamorous outfits to handwritten lyrics, from personal items to iconic guitars, the TDM exhibition invites to step backstage with a cultural icon.​ Active Image supplied 28 canvases that work as a breathtaking video wall with concert clips, pictures, and interviews. “Amy: Beyond The Stage” will open on 26 November 2021.

Photo courtesy of the Design Museum.

15 September, 2021

Nothingness Through Seeing and Feeling

Contrary to its extraordinary title, “NOTHINGTOSEENESS” is a must-see. The Akademie der Künste in Berlin presents “Void / White / Silence”, an exhibition dedicated to the experience of seeing and the broad spectrum of meanings of the color white, of emptiness and silence. The works of 75 international artists deal with the relationship between material composition, surface and context, fullness and emptiness, complexity and simplicity, meaning and meaninglessness. The artistic/aesthetic practices of the 1950s/60s, shaped by monochrome painting, developed simultaneously in exchange between the USA and Europe. Active Image founder Henning Lohner is part of the exquisite group of artists, under the brand “Lohner Carlson” (his longstanding artistic partnership with photographer, cinematographer and visual artist Van Carlson) the works are presented in the exhibition halls on Hanseatenweg from September 15th to December 12th.

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Dan Jackson, Designer

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